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9 Probiotic-Rich Foods To Keep Your Gut Happy

9 Probiotic-Rich Foods To Keep Your Gut Happy

Probiotics, or microbial food supplements, are live microorganisms that thrive in human bodies. These are often called good bacteria because of their beneficial effects on the body, especially in aiding the digestion of food. These bacteria thrive in the gut microbiome.

Most probiotics produce lactic acid, breaking the lactose (sugar in milk) during fermentation. Therefore, most probiotics are consumed in fermented form, such as yogurt made by fermenting milk with yogurt starter, kefir, or Miso.

Due to the yeast in the fermentation process, these food items often taste a little tangy, preferred by many people. They help in keeping the gut healthy because of their digestion-friendly properties.

Let us see some yummy and delicious probiotic-rich foods you can grab to keep your gut healthy.

9 Probiotic Food Products For A Happy Stomach

From yogurts to pickles, these fermented foods are not only yummy, they are a good source to keep your digestive system up and running.

1. Yogurt

The most commonly found probiotic food, which is also one of the best sources of various good bacteria, is yogurt. When the milk is fermented with a yogurt starter, it gives a tangy-tasting yummy yogurt, which has many other health benefits.

Yogurt improves digestive health, reduces depression and risk of diabetes, promotes heart health, improves weight management, and boosts immunity. It also is a rich source of calcium which is good for bones.

Additionally, people with lactose intolerance, having difficulty digesting milk, can benefit from consuming yogurt. It is because the lactose in the milk is broken down and turned into lactic acid.

2. Kefir

Originating from the mountains of Asia and Europe, Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to yogurt but thinner in consistency. It is also more sour and has a tangier flavor than yogurt.

Unlike yogurt starter culture, kefir’s yeast culture contains grains known as kefir that are added to milk or water to ferment.

Kefir has a more diverse range of good bacteria than yogurt, making it a potent source of probiotics.

3. Tempeh

From its Indonesian origins comes a probiotic-rich food that has allured the taste buds from all over the world. Tempeh, a high-protein food, is made from fermenting soybean products, forming a firm patty and having a mushroom-like earthy flavor.

The fermented soybean contains less phytic acid, which may increase the mineral content. The fermentation of Tempeh also produces vitamin B12, which is good for health.

4. Sauerkraut

From Eastern Europe comes a popular probiotic food named Saurekraut. When finely chopped cabbage is fermented by adding lactic acid bacteria, a sour and salty flavored Sauerkraut is formed. It’s a traditional food popular in many countries and is rich in fiber, vitamin C, sodium, iron, and potassium.

It also contains the antioxidant properties of nutrients that are good for eye health.

Unpastuerized sauerkraut preserves the live bacteria as against when sauerkraut is pastruized. Therefore, it is better to choose unpasteurized sauerkraut for your healthy growth.

5. Kombucha

Popular in many parts of Asia, a fermented black or green tea drink, Kombucha, is said to have some amazing medicinal properties that can reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

This fermented drink is a lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea drink often flavored with juice, spices, fruit, or other flavorings.

6. Labneh

Labneh is a yogurt cheese that is popular in the Middle East. It is a thick and creamy strained yogurt, probably more strained than Greek yogurt, which makes its texture creamier and tangier.

It is very similar to making yogurt from a vegan yogurt starter. However, as long as it is made with live cultures and not heavily processed and heated, it will give the best probiotic benefits.

7. Kimchi

A probiotic superfood can be prepared when vegetables are fermented by adding lactic acid bacteria. It is called Korean Kimchi.

Cabbage is normally the main ingredient, with other vegetables also finding their place, Kimchi can be served with seasonings of red chili, garlic, and ginger.

Pepper flakes and salt are added to flavor the dish. It is rich in Lactobacillus Kimchii, which has digestive benefits to the body. It is also rich in vitamins K, B2, and iron.

8. Pickles

It is a very common probiotic food found in various parts of the world, especially in Southeast Asia, China, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Pickles are made from many vegetables, but cucumber essentially becomes a chief ingredient in its making.

When cucumbers are preserved in a solution of salt and water and they are left to ferment on their own, a tangy-flavored pickle is formed. It is often garnished with salt or pepper powder. It is a healthy probiotic with a good source of vitamin K.

9. Buttermilk

Buttermilk refers to various fermented milk products, especially dairy drinks.

Out of the two variants of buttermilk, viz., traditional and cultured, only the former contains probiotics and is generally consumed in the Indian subcontinent. It is low in fat and calories and contains essential nutritional and probiotic value.

Yummy and Healthy Probiotics

From yogurts made from yogurt starter cultures and labneh to pickles, kimchi, and Kombucha, probiotic or microbial food supplements are all healthy for the digestive system and yummy to taste.

They are rich in various vitamins and minerals, with several probiotic-rich foods beneficial for several health issues, including gut health, skin, cancer, diabetes, etc. No wonder it has slowly become a superfood for the masses.

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