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Why Should You Consider Liquid B12 Over Tablet?

Why Should You Consider Liquid B12 Over Tablet?

As animal foods are the major sources of vitamin B12, people who follow a vegan diet may feel a deficiency of vitamin B12. Shortage of this vitamin may cause irregular heartbeat, skin discoloration, gait, glossitis, infertility, etc.

People suffering from the above symptoms can easily balance the level of this vitamin by taking its supplements. But there comes the question: which one is more beneficial, tablet or liquid b12?

Types of Vitamin B12

Food items, such as meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, and dairy products mostly contain vitamin B12. Also, you can find this vitamin in some nutritional yeast and grains, like cereals. Scientists also produce synthetic vitamin B12 through some chemical processes in the laboratory.

Synthetic vitamin mostly includes derivatives of cyanide and methane and cobalt. These B12 supplements are usually of four types: Methylcobalamin, Cyanocobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin, and Adenosylcobalamin.

Vitamin B12 Supplements Liquid vs. Tablet

Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin are the two commonly used forms of vitamin B12. Cyanocobalamin is the solid or tablet form, and Methylcobalamin is the liquid form of vitamin B12. The main difference between these two is their chemical composition.

If you ask which one you should take as a supplement, you must read the following points.

● Absorbed More Quickly in the Mouth

Liquid forms are more rapidly absorbed in the mouth than any solid form. Though liquid supplements are supposed to be swallowed, liquid B12 is instructed to hold for a few seconds before swallowing. It enables the membranes to absorb some of the liquid here.

Through this sublingual absorption, the liquid vitamin directly enters the bloodstream instead of traveling through the digestive tract. The absorption of liquid vitamins is more effective for aged people as they usually have lower intrinsic factors.

● Easy to Consume

People who find difficulties swallowing a tablet or pill know how helpful liquid supplements are. The liquid form of vitamin B12 is also easy to digest. People who have conditions affecting the digestive system may not benefit from B12 tablets, pills, or gummies.

Health professionals suggest that injections of vitamin B12 can be more suitable for them. As these injections are a bit costly and recommended to take only under expert supervision, B12 liquid supplements are favorable.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Liquid Supplements

We consume vitamin B12, which is bound to the protein in food items. In the stomach, enzymes and hydraulic acid unchain vitamin B12, making it challenging to digest. The intrinsic factor is the protein that is secreted from the stomach and again binds to vitamin B12. Thus the inherent factor helps your small intestine assimilate vitamin B12.

As you age, the intrinsic factor normally goes down. Here are some more benefits of liquid vitamin B12 supplements mentioned below.

● Effective in Treating Anemia

Vitamin B12 contributes to the production of red blood cells (RBC) in the human body. A deficiency or inadequate absorption of vitamin B12 makes ailing red blood cells. When the RBCs are not healthy enough to carry oxygen in your body, it causes Anemia.

When your body can’t produce enough vitamin B12, You can easily fulfill it by taking supplements. A liquid b12 supplement from GI Prohealth can be highly beneficial in curing Anemia.

● Beneficial in Preventing Birth Defects

Women especially those who are pregnant or breastfeeding require adequate vitamin B12. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause several issues, such as low rates of weight gain in infants, neural tube defects, and cognitive and developmental delays in their babies.

Several researchers predict that maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin B12 through supplements can improve birth outcomes.

● Help Hair Growth

The effects of vitamin B12 on your hair are remarkable. It helps the RBCs carry oxygen to the hair follicles. Enough oxygen in the hair follicles is significant in stimulating the growth of your hair.

● Boosts Energy level

One of the benefits of vitamin B12 is that it takes part in boosting your energy level. Though it does not directly provide energy to your body, it generates the necessary compounds that convert food molecules into energy.

Also, the oxygen, which is delivered by the red blood cells, provides the muscle with energy. It helps muscle growth and reduces muscle weakness and cramps, which are associated with vitamin B12 deficiency. Therefore, you can make your body produce enough energy by intaking recommended amount of liquid B12 supplement.

● Balanced Mental State

Several studies have shown that mood swings or mood disturbances, such as agitation, irritability, negativity, etc., can be the result of vitamin B12 deficiency. So, maintaining the proper balance of vitamin levels by intaking supplements can be effective for a healthier mental state.

In Conclusion

Vitamin B12 is one of the B vitamins that have multiple benefits for your body. Though there are several advantages of having this vitamin in liquid form, it is always recommended to take it after consulting a health professional.

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