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SCD Yogurt Recipes + Helpful Hints on Making Yogurt ProHealths' 

Yogurt recipes
Recipe 1: "SCD Legal" yogurt using cow or goat milk
Recipe 2: "SCD Legal" Non Dairy Almond Yogurt using Almond milk made with Almonds. (can be used with other nuts)
Recipe 3: Home made Soy yogurt using store bought Soy milk.
Recipe 4: Soy Yogurt using Vitasol brand Original or Lite Soy milk.
Recipe 5: Coconut Yogurt using Thai Coconuts.

Bottom of Page: "Helpful hints & Do's and Don'ts of yogurt making (Important that you read this especially if its your first time making yogurt.)
Making“SCD Legal”Yogurt using cow or goats milk

1. Put one quart or more (depending on capacity of yogurt maker) of cow or goat milk in a pan and turn heat on low. Stirring the milk slowly until it reaches 180 degrees F. Always stir milk consistently to keep it from curdling or scorching the milk. The milk needs to be heated to 180 F to kill any bacteria that may be present and interfere with the yogurt making culture

2. Turn the heat off and allow the milk to cool to room temperature (110F). You may stir the milk in order to speed up the cooling process, or just let it sit and check it for temperature until it is cooled.

3.Once the milk is at about 110-115 F, pour a small amount of the warm milk into a glass or coffee cup and then add 1/8 teaspoon or more of GI ProStart™  yogurt starter for every 2 quarts of milk . Using a very small whisk, fork or teaspoon mix the yogurt starter in the cup stirring it vigorously.

4. Then pour your mixed GI ProStart™ yogurt starter back into the original pan of cooled milk and stir thoroughly with a wisk or large spoon.

5. Plug in your yogurt maker and pour the mixture into your yogurt maker container or containers. Ferment for 12 hours if you are not concerned about lactic properties. If you are concerned about lactic properties then ferment for 24 hours. The extra 12 hours will burn off lactic properties in the milk. Do NOT ferment longer then 24 hours as this will start to burn the active cultures. We suggest you leave the lids to individual containers off and just put cover on yogurt maker.There is not a need to ferment longer then 12 hours unless concerned about lactic proerties. What you see is what you get at the 12 hour point. Keeping it longer will not make the yogurt any firmer.  Any other questions can be answered by e mailing us  E mails are answered on a daily basis within 24 hours of receiving them. 

6.Refrigerate for 4 hours, then your yogurt is ready to eat. 

Note: Natural yogurt has a mildly tart taste to it if you desire a more sweet taste it is recommended that you use honey as a sweetener or fresh fruits and mix these in after the yogurt has cooled.

Once you have made your yogurt and it is cooled never reheat it or it will result in a loss or total loss of the active bacteria.

Always keep your yogurt refrigerated/chilled until you eat it and it will stay in your refrigerator for up to two weeks. 

Making“SCD Legal”Non Dairy yogurt using Almond milk made with Almonds
(made with blanched almonds but can be used with other type nuts)

 This recipe may also be used with cashew and other type nuts. For best results always make your own nut milk as store bought milks tend to be difficult to produce yogurt due to manufacturing methods as well as additives and preservatives. This method should only be used by someone who has experience making milk with Almond or other type nuts. If the nuts are not mixed really well with the water and the milk is not of good quality the yogurt may not form properly. If you do not have experience making almond or other nut milks we strongly recommend you use a good quality amond flour as stated in the recipe above this one. The mixing of the milk is important in determining how good the yogurt turns out. Milk not mixed well can result in a watery type yogurt. If yogurt seperates and shows liquid surrounding the yogurt then there is a problem with the milk and it would need more nut flour and / or better mixing. Adding more yogurt starter will NOT correct this problem. The result of your yogurt should be a creamy type texture. Any other questions can be answered by e mailing us  E mails are answered on a daily basis within 24 hours of receiving them. 

1.Fill your blender a little more then half way with water.

2. Add 1 1/3 cups of blanched almonds to the water.

3. Add about 2 tablespoons  of honey to the mix. (Honey should be warmed just a little to a thin consistency before adding to milk.) Can use microwave or other methods. Some people will not use the honey and with good results if their milk is rich in nuts and properly mixed. 

4. Turn on your blender  using a faster speed and blend the mixture for about 8 to 10  minutes or until the almonds have disolved. If you use a faster speed it is recommended that you let the milk set for 5 minutes or so and stir slowly to remove some of the air bubbles the blending causes in milk. Add water to measure up to one quart and blend for about 2 mins or so. You may have to run the milk through a sift or cheese cloth to remove tiny nut particles that the blender does not eliminate. If this does not bother you then you can leave them in the milk.  (If you are making 2 quarts at a time then just repeat steps 1 to 3 and mix the 2 batches of milk in a mixing bowl.)

5. Heat milk to 180F, then cool to 110F which will bring the milk temperature to the fermenting temperature of 105F to 115F.

6. Pour a small amount of freshly made milk into a glass or coffee cup and then add 1/4 teaspoon or more of GI ProStart™  yogurt starter for every 1 quart of milk . Using a very small whisk, fork or teaspoon mix the yogurt starter in the cup stirring it quickly. Once mixed add back to the batch of fresh milk and stir it in vigorously with a whisk or large spoon. If you are using the blender you can pour the cup of yogurt starter milk into the blender and give it about 6 to 8 long pulses stopping and starting the blender until it is mixed well.  If you are making 2 quarts at a time pour the milk into a bowl and mix the starter in with a wisk. Make sure the starter is mixed thoroughly with the milk. You can add more then 1/4 teaspoon per quart if a very firm yogurt is desired. The result will be a thick creamy type yogurt. 

7. Plug in your yogurt maker and pour the mixture into your yogurt maker container or containers and ferment for 9 to 12 hours.  We suggest you leave the lids to individual containers off and just put cover on yogurt maker. This will allow any water to dissipate from the yogurt giving it a firmer result. There is not a need to ferment longer then 12 hours. What you see is what you get at the 12 hour point. Keeping it longer will not make the yogurt any firmer. The only time you would ferment up to 24 hours is when using cow or goat milk becauset he extra time will burn off lactic properties in the milk.

8. Place in refrigerator for 4 hours then your yogurt is ready to eat.



 Home Made Soy yogurt
(using store bought soy milk)

Ingredients needed:

5 cups room temperature Soy Dream Enriched Original soymilk (or your favorite creamy
commercial soymilk, from unopened tetrapacks)

1/4 cup tapioca starch 

3/4 tsp agar powder 

3/4 tsp GI ProStart non-dairy yogurt starter  


Scald everything that touches the yogurt with boiling water!


1) Whisk together in a heavy large saucepan: 1/2 cup of the Soy Dream (or other commercial soymilk), the tapioca starch, and agar powder. Whisk well until it is all dissolved.


2) Whisk in 1 1/2 cups Soy Dream, until it is smooth, with no lumps.


3) Cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly but not vigorously, until it is thickened and glossy.

4) Whisk in the remaining 3 cups of Soy Dream. Don't make it too frothy. This will bring down the temperature of the heated milk, preferably to the right temperature. If it's too hot, cool it in the refrigerator to about 115º F. Or, if it's not hot enough, warm it over low heat until it reaches 115º,checking with an instant-read or candy thermometer frequently.


5) Once the temperature is about 115º:
In a separate bowl, whisk the the dried yogurt culture with 1/4 cup of the warm soymilk. Add this mixture to the rest of the warm milk, whisking well to distribute the culture throughout (if you do not mix it well, you may have a grainy yogurt). Pour the inoculated soymilk into your scalded jars or containers, cover and incubate for 8-12 hours. Don't stir.


Soy yogurt tends to be mild, so it needs about 8-12 hours to develop the characteristic tartness of dairy yogurts (this varies). Taste it after 6 hours or so to see if it needs more time (it will be a little more tart when cooled).


6.) Refrigerate immediately for about 12 hours before eating-- this is part of the incubation process and helps develop flavor. The yogurt will keep for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Servings: 10

Yield: 5 cups

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition (per 1/2 cup serving): 67.3 calories; 27% calories from fat; 2.0g total fat; 0.0mg cholesterol; 67.9mg sodium; 129.7mg potassium; 8.3g carbohydrates; 1.0g fiber; 2.0g sugar; 7.3g net carbs; 3.5g protein; 1.3 points.


*recipe adapted from an original by Bryanna Clarke Grogan:


 Non-Dairy Soy Yoghurt (Makes 1 litre)
This variation makes a creamy yoghurt with a thick consistency.  A neutral flavour after fermenting 8-9 hours, with a nice mouthfeel.  Perfect for all uses.

3 cups Soy milk (Vitasoy lite or original Soy milk)
1x 300ml carton Soyatoo Soya Topping Cream
1 1/2 tspns Gelatine
1/4 tspn GI Prohealth non-dairy Yoghurt Starter (or half of 1/4 to equal 1/8 works well too)
1/2 tspn non-dairy probiotic powder

1. Whisk milk and cream together in a saucepan over low heat to reach 80 degrees.  Remove from heat.

2. Blend gelatine with a little boiling water, 1 tblspn.
Whisk gelatine into hot milk

3. Allow the milk to return to room temperature of 25 degrees.  Whisk occasionally whilst cooling.

4. In a small dipping bowl mix the yoghurt starter with the probiotic powder and add 1 tspn of the milk.  Blend well to a smooth consistency with the back of the 1/4 size teaspoon, ensuring there are no lumps.  Gradually add a little more milk to blend well.  Add the starter mix to the milk and whisk well before pouring into sterilised yoghurt container.  Ferment between 8 and 10 hours.
Thermomix method:

If you have a Thermomix this is an easy option for heating the milk.
Add milk and cream to thermomix jug.  Set timer for 7 minutes, select temperature of 80 degrees and set speed to 2.
Meanwhile mix gelatine and add this to the milk upon reaching 80 degrees.
When milk has reached 80 degrees re-set the timer to 60 minutes and continue on speed to 2 (no heat) to allow milk to cool to room temperature.  
When timer has stopped add yoghurt starter mix as above and blend into milk on speed 2 for a few seconds.  Pour into yoghurt container to ferment between 8 to 10 hours.
Refrigerate for a further 8 hours or overnight to set before serving.

                  Making Coconut Yogurt using Thai Coconut 

  • Ingredients:
  • 2 young thai coconuts
  • 4 tablespoons Coconut Creme Concentrate (*Purchase at
  • 1 tablespoon Raw Honey
  • 1 Liquid Minerals (*Optional, 1 dropper full)
  • 1/4 teaspoon GI Pro Health Yogurt Starter (*Purchase at
  • Filtered water

Equipment needed:

High powered blender

Yogurt or candy thermometer

Yogurt Maker

**Make sure all tools and equipment used in yogurt making are super clean.


Step 1
Look on YouTube for how to open your coconuts and open yours. You can do it! Make sure you are able to save all of the coconut water because you will need it for the recipe.
Step 2
Pour the coconut water into the blender. (I recommend a Vitamix.) Then, scoop the meat out of both coconuts and add it to the blender.
Step 3
Add your coconut creme concentrate, raw honey, and liquid minerals and pulse a few times.
Step 4
You should have nearly 4 cups in your blender. If you aren't at 4 cups, add enough filtered water so you are at the 4 cup line.
Step 5
Blend the mixture on high for 5 minutes and check the temperature with a yogurt thermometer. You want the temperature to be between 110 and 115. If it is not there yet, blend another 2 minutes. Once the temperature is between 110 and 115 degrees, you can add your yogurt starter. Give it a few pulses to mix the starter in completely. 

Note: If you don't have a Vitamix, you might have to transfer the mixture to a pan on the stove (on low) to get your yogurt up to the proper temperature. Once you have it at the proper temperature, place a small amount of your coconut milk in a glass bowl and add your starter. Stir until fully combined and add it back into the pan. Stir again.
Step 6
Pour the mixture into your yogurt maker and process it for about 10 hours.
Step 7
Refrigerate your yogurt for a few hours and enjoy!

Recipe originated from Sherry McAnelly

Helpful Hints, Do’s and Don’t’s on GI ProStart™ Yogurt Starter

( We recommend that you read this especially if you are making yogurt for the first time)
1.Always mix your yogurt starter thoroughly before adding it back to the heated milk. Then mix thoroughly again when added to the heated milk1.

Stir your mix slowly with a whisk. 

3.Some nut and alternative milks may require more  then the recommended 1/4 teaspoon of yogurt starter per 1 quart of milk. For best results make your own nut milks using water and nuts mixed in a blender. Store bought milks are all different and usually impossible to make yogurt with due to  additives and manufacturing processing.

For firmer yogurt use double the amount of yogurt starter for every two quarts of milk. ( if you experience separation in the milk this is caused by milk not being mixed properly and adding yogurt starter will NOT solve this problem.)

When making your own milk using nuts it may the yogurt may tiny nut particles in it. To remove them just run through a fine sifter or cheese cloth. If it does not bother you the particles can be left in the milk and will have no effect on the yogurt.

Using Almond flour is much eaiser then blanched almonds to make yogurt with. The yogurt will be smooth without any nut particles.

It is not required but when making yogurt its best if possible to sterilize the bottles you will make the yogurt in. You can just fill your yogurt jars with water and place them in a pan then add water about half way up the outside of the jars. Heat on your stove and when the water is just starting to boil that is hot enough to remove most harmful bacterias. Just before you pour the mixed milk in them place them up side down on a paper towel to dry them.

8.Most alternative milks require 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey per quart of milk to the mixture. This gives the starter cultures an environment to reproduce. It's a good idea to heat the honey just a little so it will mix well with the milk.

9.NEVER stir or shake the milk/yogurt once it has been set in the yogurt maker to ferment.

Don’t ferment longer then the recommended times. This will usually burn off some of the active cultures. Ferment 24 hours for cow and goat milk and 8 to 12 hours for alternative milks. Do NOT ferment over 24 hours as this may burn some of the active cultures in GI ProStart

Never add any flavoring, fruits and nuts etc. Until the yogurt has cooled in the refrigerator.NEVER heat up yogurt once it has been cooled. Heating yogurt will kill the active cultures.

When using alternative milks such as Almond, coconut and other nut milks the recommended amount is 1/4  teaspoon per 1 quart of milk. Some milks can use more then the1/4 teaspoon. With a little experimenting you can fine tune amount of starter needed.

13.Keep your yogurt refrigerated and it will last for up to two weeks.

Natural yogurt tends to be tart but can be sweetened using your favorite fruits or Honey. This will still keep within the SCD Diet rules.

Yogurt does make a nice base for some sauces and gravy's but just remember that when you heat up the already cooled yogurt you will probably loose most or all of the active cultuers. Using yogurt as a base will make a healther low fat and dairy free gravy or sauce.

Have any questions you need answered?
Check out our FAQ's page on  GI ProStart™ product information page.
Feel free to E mail us:

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